Our mission

TGS AU Partners was formed to bring professional expertise from the experts to support the sustainability of client’s business.

The differences

  • We work close with our clients, ensure the process is perform smooth.
  • The engagement is directly handled by our partners and experts.
  • When we find any issues faced by our clients, we will analyse from many perspectives.
  • We ensure to deliver integrated services and comprehensive solution.

Our experience

Tax Consulting and Compliance service
Accounting and book keeping services

Our key management

Our professional team gain intensive experience with private sector, public service sectors, and government. Our key personnels are registered practicing accountant who has been experience with large scale professional engagements, and serves in professional associations in Indonesia. Our people are considered as the best talent. We organize the team to perform the work across diffferent services at the same time, such as auditing and tax, or accounting – or advisory on different project. The whole process accelerate our people to gain complete skill-sets to provide practical solution to our clients.


  • We can confidently recommend KAP Agus Ubaidillah & Rekan* as a good professional partner, and experts in their field. (Tomasz Wilk, Geofizyka Toruń, 2014).

    *KAP Agus Ubaidillah dan Rekan (referred to TGS AU Partners)

    Tomaz Wilk – Geofizyka Toruń
    Head of Business Development

Some of our clients

Our clients mostly are multinational companies and non for profit organization, such as American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, Castle Asia, Bower Group Asia, Santa Fe Relocation, MAA Assurance Group, Chubb Insurance Group, Money Gram, Galtam Pacific Minerals and Galtam Sumatera Minerals, Oxford Policy Management, Geofizyka Torun, DKT Indonesia, Cargill Group, Shun Shing Group, Japacoco.co.id & My-Samurai.com, Punj Lloyd Group of Companies in Indonesia.

Years of Experience

Professional Staffs