Tax consulting service

Our tax consulting services objective is to provide a clear and practical advice on taxation in Indonesia and in international business. The ultimate goal of TGS AU Partners tax consulting firm in Indonesia is to provide a comprehensive practical solution. A comprehensive tax consulting firm service we’ve provide are Indonesian tax compliance, Indonesian tax research and analysis, tax on international transaction, and transaction tax advisory.

Our tax consulting team combine the expertise on tax law and accountancy, local tax and international tax experts. When the tax issue involve with another tax law jurisdiction, we do seamless approach, combine multinationals tax expertise by tax experts from TGS Global firms members.

When company is looking for advice on business structure, business process, merger and acquisition, liquidation, or business selling, we have complete answers on taxation aspects in Indonesia and international related regulation. Mostly tax issue in Indonesia is related to double tax issue of business income on corporate level and individual shareholder level on dividend, value added tax on import goods, overpayment of income tax due to mismatch between sales and imports, tax issues on transfer pricing related to intra-group services, intangible assets usage payment (royalties), interest paid to affiliated party at overseas, etc . Our tax consulting firm in Indonesia is established to provide our client a practical advice to avoid unnecessary tax burden such as double taxation of income and assist to find the better way to minimize the tax burden.



TGS AU Partners Tax Consulting Service practice began from a robust process of research and analysis of tax law and regulation. We are listening to client needs and expectation on specific tax objectives (whether it is to minimize tax, mitigate tax risk or to avoid unnecessary tax burden). With reference to client expectations, we go further with understanding existing business process/structure and any existing possible scenario from clients. Further, we combine information of business process/structure with relevant tax regulation, best practice and legal precedents on tax disputes in Indonesia to provide the best options to meet client expectation.


International Taxation

In activities related with cross border or international transaction, multinational group structure and transter pricing, we work together with tax experts among TGS member firms. TGS Global network firms is available to support your global tax planning in a single contact of firm.


Area of Tax Consulting

Our tax consulting service are as follows:

  • Ideal business structuring for tax savings
  • Comprehensive tax planning for Indonesian operation or International tax planning
  • Interpretation of tax law and regulation
  • Case per case tax analysis
  • Advice on tax on transaction
  • Transfer pricing strategy
  • Tax dispute settlement, tax objection and appeal


Our tax consultants experience have provided services to various business transactions and tax litigation in Indonesia. Our experiences, including the investment plans and corporate structure, business processes, shares sales and purchase transactions, assist and represent client during tax audit and tax litigation process, tax refunds process, tax audit, tax objection and appeal, and transfer pricing service. Our experience in auditing, accounting and tax compliance has provide solid foundation in our methodology to perform tax consulting services.