During the last 5 years, we involve in the strategic consulting projects as follows:

We conduct analysis and research to advise relating to financial and taxation aspects for International insurance companies in the process of sale of shares to other international insurance companies, regarding with requirement to increase in the minimum capital to Rp. 40 billion (Approximately 4 million U.S. Dollars) in accordance with Government Regulation No.81/2008 regarding Operation of Insurance Business.
Tax advisory project for international insurance company in the process of sale of company shares to investor with a the value of acquisition over USD 25 million.

Assist Commodity and Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (“CoFTRA”) – Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia, to conduct a performance audit to conduct performance audits for three years operation of Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Indonesia (Indonesian Commodity and Derivative Exchange ” ICDX“) and Indentrust Security International (”ISI” Clearing House). We assist CoFTRA to identify the risk issue, key business driver, challenge, and provide key strategic recommendation

Assist the Indonesian National Police (“POLRI”) to execute a national program for the assessment of POLRI’s budget and financial management and the real necessity of the Indonesian National Police on POLRI’s budget with amount of 40 trillion Rupiah ( 4 billion U.S. Dollar approximately). Assessment undertaken aims to provide recommendations related to budget management, strategic financial planning and to define the proportionality of Polri’s budget based on the responsibilities and functions of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia.