Audit & assurance service

Our audit and assurance services emphasize on effectivity of the process to obtain the quality of result. We believe on the quality of financial information should be reliable and relevant to the user. We start to perform audit by learn our client business and ensure the audit performed well with minimum disctraction on on-going company’s accounting activity. We ensure at the completion of our audit, we conclude professional opinion on our audit, independent, and reliable.

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Accounting service

TGS AU Partners accounting services objective is to provide reliable accountant or reliable financial reporting to support your business with cost effective structure. From the formation of chart of account – preparing the paperwork – recording the transactions, and prepare full set of financial statements. Recently, we have our work reported to different countries in Europe, America and Asia. The standards to prepare financial statements in Indonesia generally are Standar Akuntansi Keuangan (Financial Accounting Standard) issued by the Indonesian Institute of Accountants.

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Tax service

Indonesian tax could be simply straight-forward on practice, otherwise it might damaging without taking careful with the change of regulation and uncertain matters on some aspects, especially for international transaction and business structure. In Indonesia tax mechanism mostly are through withheld of tax on income. Different type of transactions means different tax rate, failing to withheld or withheld on required period will lead the company to potential loss due to tax obligation because the law has positioning the payer/employer to withheld. No matter it is paid fully to the income receiver, the tax obligation is still on the payer. Indonesian tax regulation is to filing tax return and payment on every month for withholding tax obligation and annual filing for corporate income tax.

Our tax service including

  • assist on business plan and structure for across border transaction to advise the efficient structure of the business
  • initial registration to tax office
  • take care all tax compliance (vat and withholding tax for employee, service provider, and etc) for monthly and annual reporting, including payment arrangement
  • handling dispute with tax authority (tax query, audit, objection, appeal, proceed)
  • case per case tax consulting and research

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Employment compliance service

Indonesian employment law required the employer to maintain its compliance with all law provision, including social security dues coverage for retirement savings (additional to pension fund), accident, death, and health social security. We take care the compliance activities to conduct regular reporting and do calculation for monthly dues, liaise with social security agencies (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan) and dues payment arrangement.

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Business consulting & transaction advisory service

We have work on differents project not only related with accounting, to accomplish efficiency/effectivity of the business/organization. Our professionals is a type of problem solver who continue face the challenge on every engagement. During the recent years we develop and apply our approach and methodology to assist our clients in:

  • Merger & acquisition
  • Optimizing business model/process
  • Business structure


Doing business in Indonesia

Some of our clients is seeking for complete sets of service to assist them in doing business in Indonesia. We take care on every business cycle phase as follows:

Entrance phase

  • Provide advice to assist group of company to select the most efficient business structure & process
  • Assist on the formation of the company to BKPM, Notary, license to related govenrment agency
  • Assist to seek local business partner
  • Legal agreement drafting for cooperation
  • Assist on foreign employee license formalities

Operating phase

  • Accounting & tax
  • Employment social security compliance
  • Auditing

Growth phase

  • Merger & acquisition
  • Optimizing business model/process
  • Business structure

Exit phase

  • License and tax revoke
  • Liquidation process

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Professional accounting firm service